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Ransom Strips


Discovering that land is affected by a ransom strip can be elating if you are the owner of the ransom strip or extremely depressing if you are the owner of the land beyond the ransom strip.

If you are the owner of the ransom strip the ownership and possession of the land in question could be like winning the lottery. If you own a strip of land that is of such value and importance that the value of the land beyond can only be released by acquiring the ransom strip then what you want could be worth a very large sum of money.

If you think you may have such an area of land under your control we suggest you stay calm and quiet and take our advice.

If you think that your development may not be possible because someone owns a ransom strip that affects your access or frustrates your development please contact us so we can advise you.

Ransom strips can be created intentionally or may arise by accident but in either respect sound legal knowledge particularly in connection with the law relating to easements and restrictive covenants may be highly relevant to your position.

We deal with enquiries all over the UK and would be happy to hear from you for a preliminary discussion of the situation. We can give you urgent and informed advice on how best to proceed whether you are the owner or are affected by a ransom strip.

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